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I am a graduate in a bachelor of fine arts majoring in Fashion Design (Honors) class of 2018. This online-based portfolio captivates my most recent projects which best portray my aesthetic and design. All photography, design, and videography throughout this portfolio is my own work. I hope to better understand and find creative pathways by working with like-minded people and offering my unique and alternative way of design.

Prior to commencing my formal studies, I developed an extensive portfolio that gave me a successful placement in this degree and I was proudly awarded a Vice-Chancellor scholarship for my unique and captivating work. During my studies, I strived to maintain the highest standard of professional work and commitment to my studies.

In semester two of 2016, I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (N.I.F.T India). This was possible under the 'New Colombo Plan Scholarship’, awarded to two Australian students per year, that are seeking to complete an exchange in the Asia Pacific region. This experience opened my mind to new and innovative ways of designing and manufacturing. I deliberately sought a challenging geographical location for my exchange. I was rewarded with a sense of personal and intellectual development.

I have a lot to offer within the creative realm, along with studying fine arts I minored in visual practices. This included photography, curation, 2d, and 3d art. During my studies I have completed two internships; firstly, for 'Study by Janek' an Indian tailoring company where I learned the fundamentals of being a ‘master’; the focus points of the bodice and the process of manufacturing. Secondly, with the Australian jewelry company 'Holly Ryan' where I practiced managerial roles focusing on marketing tools and techniques. Whilst studying I was working two jobs; firstly, the 'SARVA HOUSE' where I professionally sewed, pattern made and designed. Secondly, at 'The Print Bar' where I worked as a qualified head screen printer and screen coordinator. 

For my honors project I focused on creating an ethical and sustainable collection by sourcing recycled and vintage wools. I developed an alternate collection that drew on unisex school uniforms derived from early Punk and Teddy-boy subcultures. Because I used over 40% wool in my collection I was eligible and applied for the New Zealand Wool Mark scholarship. Because my collection embodied the heritage of wool; through tartan, suiting, and crochet and that I had a sustainable approach to design, presented through upscaling fabrics, sustainable fabrics and printing with sustainable inks I was awarded this scholarship. The focus of my Honours collection was to display ways of shifting the sustainable and ethical responsibilities from the buyers to the designer.

Email me for any questions or enquires, also please feel free to ask for any technical drawings, patterns and proof of my design process. 

310 985 0790

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